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This narrow, dark downstairs cloak room was totally transformed when we added our Silver tinted MIRRORED WALLS. The light from the hallway was also reflected into the room totally changing it. The Mirrors can come in any shape and size and also have a silver or bronze tint. This room now has an amazing wow factor and is a real talking point for all their guests!


Our customer wanted something a little more classy in their walk in shower enclosure as they had looked at all the other alternatives for something to put the shampoo and soap on and as the stylish glass shelf was not going to be directly under the water spray decided that this was their perfect solution.


Our Toughened glass is back painted with colours of your choice. By popular demand from our customers our abstract art work has put the finishing touches to many homes. The glass can withstand very high temperatures so for our customers who have log burners where the plaster has cracked above the fire, and you just cannot cover it up with a normal picture because of the heat, the glass has been a perfect solution and a fabulous distraction from the cracking plaster.

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