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Glass Splashbacks

April 2012

3 April 2012

A busy time here at Love Lane...spring has sprung and everyone wants to get rid of their tiles & grout and give their kitchens a completely new look!  When I am chatting to customers about their splashbacks they are usually very surprised to learn that YES you can have the glass in your shower enclosure!!  Some people think that its too heavy to stick on the wall or the water will get in and spoil the colour...Well, the glass is fixed to the wall with an adhesive that dries like concrete so will not be going anywhere.  Its also sealed all the way around so the water cannot get in at all!  We can also coat your glass with a product that will make the cleaning of the shower very easy, the water simply just runs down and with a quick wipe over with a microfibre cloth that nasty limescale is kept at bay and your shower walls will shine for a long time!  The feedback I have had from customers who have had the shower walls is fantastic...they love the fact that not only does it give the bathroom an elegant expensive look it also gives you a mirror in the shower so you can see where your washing! The best things my customers tell me is that they love the colour and the fact that they dont have to get the old toothbrush and bleach out to scub the grout anymore, and the bit in the bottom corner where all the shampoo & soap debris used to collect in the corner and stain the tiles pink, yellow and that dirty mould grey colour has gone forever!

21 April 2012

My customers are always saying to me..".if only we had thought ahead!"  A little tip on thinking ahead when getting your new kitchen... if you are thinking of having glass upstands around your kitchen then always make sure that your electric sockets are sited higher than your window cill, this will allow you to run your glass neatly around your kitchen at the same height as under the cill without having any sockets getting in the way!   Also I have customers who tend to realise just how many sockets they have when it comes to costing their splashbacks as it can be expensive if you have a lot!  One idea you will see in my gallery ~ a 'pull up socket'.  This is a very neat space saving idea which can house 3+ plugs in one fantastic pull up, push down gadget!